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Des nouvelles de nos amis du Youth America Grand Prix

le . Publié dans Nos Amis

Des nouvelles des anciens élèves du YAGP, le prochain gala de l'YAGP à Indianapolis et le 3e gala annuel Gala de Danza à Cabo San Lucas au Mexique.

Voici les dernières nouvelles du YAGP... (en anglais seulement)


Springtime always marks the heart of the New York ballet season, and it has been such a treat to see the direct impact of YAGP on the stages at Lincoln Center.


New York audiences have been so lucky to see the amazing talent of more than forty YAGP alumni performing at New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre this spring.

Yesterday both performances of ABT's Sleeping Beauty were headlined by YAGP alumni Hee Seo and Isabella Boylston dancing as Princess Aurora and Cory Stearns and Joseph Gorak as Prince Désiré. Tonight we will see more YAGP alumni at ABT with Sarah Lane as Princess Aurora, Skylar Brandt as the Diamond Fairy, and Gabe Stone Shayer as Bluebird.


Kimin Kim, one of the youngest Principals at the Mariinsky Ballet and a YAGP alumnus, was at ABT last week in La Bayadère. This marked Kim's return after his New York debut this past April at YAGP's 2015 Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow Gala.

 There were a number of notable promotions of alumni this past week. With the close of the New York City Ballet season on Sunday, Lauren Lovette was promoted to Principal dancer and Ashly Issacs was promoted to Soloist. At San Francisco Ballet Kamryn Baldwin and Samantha Bristow were promoted to members of the Corps de Ballet, and Blake Kessler, Grace Choi, and Chisako Oga were promoted to Apprentices. 

Congratulations to all YAGP alumni on their accomplishments!



On May 31, YAGP visited Indiana to present the Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow Gala at the Tarkington Theater in Carmel. The night featured choreographic masterpieces of the 20th and 21st centuries with works by William Forsythe, Gerald Arpino, and Moses Pendelton. YAGP participants performed alongside Xiomara Reyes, Gonzalo Garcia, Irina Dvorovenko, and Beckanne Sisk (YAGP alumna).



The third annual Gala de Danza in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, will take place this weekend on June 13 and 14. Created by YAGP California Ambassador Christina Lyon YAGP and Lourdes Tellez, the annual Gala de Danza brings the finest artists and talents to Mexico. The Gala will feature performances by the Mariinsky Ballet, New York City Ballet, and Joffrey Ballet, among others. YAGP provides performance opportunities around the world, and we are proud to have collaborated on the Gala de Danza.

 We are delighted to share the accomplishments of our alumni with you, and we are honored to thank you for your support of YAGP. If you would like to meet a YAGP alumni, please feel free to contact us at any point at (646) 791-9500. Our alumni will continue to impress next week in ABT's Romeo and Juliet with Hee Seo as Juliet and Cory Stearns, Joseph Gorak, and James Whiteside performing Romeo.

 We look forward to sharing more updates with you about YAGP and our alumni!

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